Intraday Insight’s range of bespoke and generic education and training workshops

Regulatory Toolkits

A series of Intraday Insights developed compliance ledger toolkits

Liquid Gold

A series of consulting interventions

Intraday Insights Liquidity Simulator

A stand alone computer simulation of intraday liquidity flows


We specialise in a range of consulting services in the areas of payments, transactions banking, liquidity risk, and intraday liquidity management. We work in partnership with leading global banks and their partners to improve regulatory compliance and identify areas of locked-up value and opportunity aimed at reducing costs, increasing revenues and providing differentiated services to corporate clients

Intraday Liquidity Simulator

A stand alone computer simulation of intraday liquidity flows used to model current usage and identify poorly deployed liquidity; also a means of rapidly raising awareness on the critical issues for action.

Liquid Gold

A series of consulting interventions aimed at assessing & modeling current state, engaging with key stakeholders, building the business case and developing a route map for transformation.

Regulatory Toolkits

A series of developed compliance ledger toolkits for assessing a Banks readiness for and compliance with BCBC regulations (248,238 & 239).


Our range of bespoke and generic education and training workshops, aimed at raising awareness and alerting key players to the commercial criticality of proactive intraday liquidity management.

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Case Studies

  • You can’t solve this problem easily by the creation of rules, changes or expensive systems implementations. We have used the Simulator as a marketing tool, as it allows us to visualise client, by client, the intraday lines and their usage on specific days and in specific currencies. This could be helpful to our sales People In their future discussions if intraday liquidity in less liquid currencies becomes a pricing issue across the sector. This could improve customer behaviour, gives bank relationshipmanagers additional sales tools and reduces both customer funding and bank liquidity costs
    Simulator as a marketing tool
  • The Intraday Liquidity Simulator provided an excellent stand alone method of analysing and visualising some of the major liquidity challenges that we were simply failing to address using conventional means. This enabled us to rapidly identify significant areas of poor liquidity deployment and consequent substantial potential savings. It also provided us with a better basis for a more proactive and informed dialogue with our lead Banks on how they could help us better manage our ongoing liquidity challenges
    Intraday Liquidity Simulator
  • The stakeholder workshop facilitated by Ashley Dowson of Intraday Insights was particularly valuable in highlighting and raising awareness on the critical regulatory reporting requirements. As a consequence it was much easier to persuade senior stakeholders to give priority to the actions necessary to rapidly move to a position where the branch has a concerted plan to meet its regulatory obligations under BCBC 248
    Stakeholder workshop
  • Under the Chair of Ashley Dowson the EBA Summer and Winter Schools have made a major contribution to educating a whole generation of emerging leaders and managers in the European payments business. Of particular value has been the very free and fluid interchange of ideas and perspectives on the critical issues of the day in a highly collaborative and interactive environment
    EBA Summer and Winter Schools