The Boot is now on the other Foot

A corporate’s attitude to its banks is changed by the Basel III capital and liquidity requirements regarding the supply of traditional banking services. Just as banks have to improve their cash management solutions as a result, corporate treasurers will now source their lending, and their cash management and transactional services in a different way. The... Read More

Liquidity Six Years On

This blog traces the continued regulation of bank working capital, as it has moved, post Lehman, from the long end of capital and liquidity regulation to the sharp end of intraday liquidity management. This has been managed, albeit slowly, over three major steps. Individual national regulators managed the problem, largely by implementing liquidity reporting regimes,... Read More
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Back at SIBOS in 2008, some bankers were called home, advised by their employers that their credit and debit cards might not be good for anything. You could debate the cause of the credit crunch, but the fall of Lehman Brothers heralded a liquidity crisis, which, in turn, revealed a capital one. “The fall of... Read More