Educational Events for a pan European Banking Association

TSCL has had a long-standing partner and advisory relationship with the Euro Banking Association. Over 8 years ago the EBA invited TSCL to help design & run a new series of topically themed educational events for payments and transactional banking specialists from across its member organisations with the aim being to equip individuals with greater insight and understanding on the significant regulatory, customer and commercial changes in the European market place

An Asian Bank seeking to ensure branch compliance with BCBS 248

U.S. Corporate’s liquidity impacted by Basel III

As the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) under Basel III discounts the value of non-operational deposits, some large U.S. banks have been discouraging the ‘surplus liquidity’ of corporate clients. This particular US Corporate Client was particularly keen to understand these impacts and be ahead of the game in seizing opportunities to reduce costs, improve values and have better quality data

A leading Global Bank operating in 18 European countries

The Corporate Banking team was faced with regular intraday mismatches between available funds and large value payments to make, usually to local suppliers of ‘well known brands’. The relationship with the affected large corporates was becoming stressed. This was a particular issue of concern in a number of less liquid non-Euro currencies in Eastern Europe