The client serves overseas banking requirements of its parent and Asian customers doing business around the world. It has a mixture of direct & indirect settlement arrangements and needed to understand the implications of BCBS 248 on its reporting obligations. It turned to Intraday Insights for help with this challenge based on our insight and tools in this area

DESIRED OUTCOMES: The Client urgently needed the following:

The Bank knew at the outset that it was under-prepared to meet BCBS regulatory and reporting requirements and needed a process to rapidly raise the importance of this issue and secure buy-in for action from key stakeholders. Amongst key issues the Bank new it needed to start collecting time-stamped data and focus upon the top 5% of payments by value.


Initially Intraday Insights helped the Bank to set up and facilitate a cross-discipline workshop, including representation from all key stakeholders (Compliance & Risk, Client Relationships, Ops & IT, Product and Treasury) so that the regulatory standards and reporting requirements could be much better understood.The half-day event reviewed:

  • Regulatory drivers & responses
  • Bank & Customer perspectives
  • Insights from us & Partner Global Roadshow
  • Case studies using the Intraday Insights Liquidity Simulator to model key liquidity flows and peaks
  • Practical actions and next steps to be taken by key stakeholders to ensure regulatory readiness and compliance


After validating the branch’s regulatory obligations with a suitable legal opinion, the Bank has now created a small Task Force to:

  • keep abreast of regulation & competition
  • build a ledger of information
  • listen more closely to customers
  • track major deposits
  • be aware of concentration risk
  • review highest value transactions

This has involved collecting relevant data to feed our Intraday Insights Liquidity Simulator and opening dialogues with local Supervisors.
Intraday Insights is also in touch with BAFT regarding its initiative to seek global definitions, standards etc.

The stakeholder workshop facilitated by Ashley Dowson of TSCL was particularly valuable in highlighting and raising awareness on the critical regulatory reporting requirements. As a consequence it was much easier to persuade senior stakeholders to give priority to the actions necessary to rapidly move to a position where the branch has a concerted plan to meet its regulatory obligations under BCBC 248