Intraday Insights has had a long-standing partner and advisory relationship with the Euro Banking Association. Over 8 years ago the EBA invited Intraday Insights to help design & run a new series of topically themed educational events for payments and transactional banking specialists from across its member organisations with the aim being to equip individuals with greater insight and understanding on the significant regulatory, customer and commercial changes in the European market place

DESIRED OUTCOMES: The Client urgently needed the following:

The EBA was keen to establish a ground-breaking series of educational events that satisfied the following criteria:

  • Focused upon the main critical topical areas of challenge and change in European payments
  • Involved a range of inputs, discussions and exercises from practitioners, suppliers, leading banks and academics to illuminate these topics
  • Were highly engaging and participative events
  • Created a significant alumni network of attendees with access to an on-going range of topical materials accessible on-line
  • Events were sponsored by leading players in the market place


In partnership with the EBA, Intraday insights has designed, project managed, chaired and facilitated a series of EBA Summer and Winter Schools for the last 8 years. The main Summer & Winter School events have typically been for 2 days duration attracting up to 40 high quality participants drawn from EBA member Banks, Central Banks and Banks’ partners and suppliers and located in major European cities.Topical themes have included: SEPA & PSD Regulation, Innovation, Financial Supply Chain, Changing Customer Requirements, Liquidity Management, Real Time Payments. Major sponsors of these events have included IBM, Accenture, ACI, Nordea and UBS incorporating showcase visits to their leading edge technology centres
In addition to the main Summer and Winter School events, Intraday Insights has also run for the EBA some special topic seminars including two most recently on Intraday Liquidity with participants experiencing the Intraday Insights Liquidity Simulator


The ongoing results of these educational events has been:

  • Attendance of over 500 individuals who now form a powerful and influential alumni
  • A raising of the EBA’s profile and reputation as the leading provider of educational activities for payments and transactional specialists
  • A unique, close and regular engagement between key market-place stakeholders in a privileged environment to discuss the critical topical issues of the day
  • A well-regarded forum for challenge and new thinking on most important challenges faced by the European Payments industry

Under the Chair of Ashley Dowson the EBA Summer and Winter Schools have made a major contribution to educating a whole generation of emerging leaders and managers in the European payments business. Of particular value has been the very free and fluid interchange of ideas and perspectives on the critical issues of the day in a highly collaborative and interactive environment