Roy McPherson

Associate Consultant

Roy is an experienced treasury professional having worked in the Treasury Markets for over 30 years for banks of different cultures and persuasions. He has worked specifically in the Treasury areas of major banks and has a perspective gained from having worked in both the back and front office.

Roy managed a treasury operations area for a major Swiss Bank covering FX, MM, Payments, Recs, Precious Metals, Derivatives and cash. Upon venturing into the vendor sector he worked for EBS managing the FXNET bi-lateral program on a global basis running account management activity for the major players.

Two other major projects were the introduction of precious metals to the electronic spot platform and the assessment of changing the fx market to a cfd process.
Roy moved to Gresham Computing to champion the need for banks to move their cash settlement to a real time model using the RTN product. A forerunner to many of today’s intraday cash management solutions.

In the recent past acting as an independent and associate to Intraday Insights his focus has been on finding the best solutions for banks and corporates faced with the challenges of new and evolving regulation around liquidity management. Roy uses a consultative approach to client needs and enjoy the interaction at all levels

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