Intraday Liquidity Standards – New Deloitte Survey 

Banks are struggling to comply with new BCBS standards for Intraday Liquidity according to a new survey from Deloittes.  Our own extensive work with banking clients in this area has shown that Banks often: do not have all the data available in the right form can rarely provide a real-time picture of Intraday Liquidity risks... Read More

From Data Aggregation to Meaningful Reporting

Day 2 of SIBOS was characterised for The SEPA Consultancy Ltd by a series of meetings with a number of strategic technology providers who are partnering closely with large global banks to help transform their payments and transaction banking infrastructures. A clear theme emerging from these dialogues is that whilst banks and their strategic partners... Read More
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Back at SIBOS in 2008, some bankers were called home, advised by their employers that their credit and debit cards might not be good for anything. You could debate the cause of the credit crunch, but the fall of Lehman Brothers heralded a liquidity crisis, which, in turn, revealed a capital one. “The fall of... Read More
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Intraday Liquidity Reporting – SWIFT Services Special Report

New SWIFT report for SIBOS including section on Intraday Liquidity Reporting can be downloaded at this link–-new-swift-services-special-report The SEPA Consultancy, using its Intraday Liquidity Simulator, supports the idea of starting with larger values and its own activity with major banks/currencies has shown that 99% of value comes from less than 2% of payment volumes.