Intraday Liquidity Standards – New Deloitte Survey 

Banks are struggling to comply with new BCBS standards for Intraday Liquidity according to a new survey from Deloittes.  Our own extensive work with banking clients in this area has shown that Banks often:
  • do not have all the data available in the right form
  • can rarely provide a real-time picture of Intraday Liquidity risks
  • do not have tools or systems capable of modelling or predicting future scenarios or risks
  • do not have an integrated wholistic approach to managing liquidity risk to show the regulators
Intraday Insights has developed a range of powerful tools and approaches to help Banks improve their management of Intraday Liquidity. Our methods enable banks to not only demonstrate better regulatory compliance but also improve internal processes and client information and make very significant year on year savings from better deployment of daily liquidity.
Please contact us for more information about how we might help your Bank in this business critical area of activity”