Intraday Liquidity – Awareness & Education Workshops


Purpose –  to raise awareness and understanding of the key issues and challenges of managing intraday liquidity in today’s leading banks in the context of increased regulatory reporting, greater focus on the cost of liquidity and growing  corporate client demands for better products to help them manage the liquidity across their financial supply chain


  • Often a first or early engagement with a Bank on intraday liquidity
  • Arises from a shared concern within the Bank about a lack of understanding, joined up thinking and action on intraday liquidity
  • Aims to raise awareness of key parties who have limited understanding in this area

  • Typically a one day workshop
  • Run either as a tailored bespoke workshop for a bank or as a more generic public event
  • The Intraday Insights Liquidity Simulator is the central learning tool for the event
  • Participants will gain hands on experience of managing intraday liquidity

  • Increased insight into intraday liquidity challenges
  • Better understanding of impact of actions on cost & utilisation of liquidity
  • Highlights key risk, reporting and client issues that need urgent action
  • Individual and collective plans for change post workshop
Next Steps:

  • Can often lead to more bespoke data sampling and modelling
  • A pre-cursor to bring key players up to speed ahead of a wider strategic engagement
  • A required step in equipping internal Bank and/or client personnel on the licensing, use and deployment of the Simulator