Intraday Liquidity – Strategic Alignment & Engagement Workshops


Purpose – to engage with senior level stakeholders from across the client Bank on the challenges and opportunities in better managing intraday liquidity to meet new regulatory demands and provide better value added services to the Bank’s corporate customers


  • Initial scoping dialogue
  • Information on existing intraday liquidity challenges
  • Identification of key stakeholders
  • Awareness raising workshop
  • Introduction to the Intraday Liquidity Simulator
  • Access to cross section of existing liquidity data & flows

  • Sample data modelled and analysed via ILS
  • Critical opportunities & challenges identified
  • One day Intraday Insights facilitated workshop with all key stakeholders
  • Attendees to include treasury, compliance, cash management, payments, product development and client account specialists
This process will produce the following:

  • Shared cross-functional insight & understanding
  • Identification of business case for action & change
  • Quantify potential poor utilisation of intraday liquidity
  • Identify areas of regulatory reporting weakness
  • Estimate scale of achievable value from next stage & change
Next Steps:

  • Move to Proof of Concept stage
  • Confirm investment vs return ratios
  • Contract with Intraday Insights including training & licenses
  • Wider data capture and analysis
  • Establish review process and internal project team

Intraday Liquidity – Strategic Consulting Projects


Purpose – to provide a client Bank or partner with a full range of consulting and professional services on a retained basis to help transform the Banks approach to intraday liquidity via enhanced investment in data driven technology, more cross-boundary collaboration, better regulatory reporting and improved services to Corporate Clients


  • Will typically arise from a combination of previously described Intraday Insights offerings which indicate the need for a longer term engagement to transform a Bank’s total approach to intraday liquidity management in order to reduce costs, increase revenues and better manage risk

  • Application of all of our insight, processes and toolkits to support internal change processes
  • Likely to involve extensive training and licensing of internal and client personnel to utilise ILS for data modelling
  • Often delivered with a strategic technology partner
This process will produce the following:

A major contribution to a Bank’s long term management of intraday liquidity including:

  • Significant annualised savings
  • Better quality data capture & reporting
  • Highly competitive client offerings
  • Embedded risk management & compliance
Next Steps:

  • Ongoing processes of review and quality assurance in-built into each element of implementation
  • Periodic audit and evaluation of overall progress and realisation of ongoing commercial value