Correspondent Banking – the new protocol

Intraday Liquidity Management reporting made possible – SWIFT enables. Correspondent banking has been under attack for several reasons. But the major use and value of correspondent banking – a relatively costly mechanism - is for the settlement of wholesale transactions by banks, particularly securities transactions, denominated in currencies in which they have no direct clearing... Read More

Why so long?

  Implementing the required liquidity risk management reforms has become a twelve-year slog.   The Credit Crunch of 2007-8 has been followed by the Great Recession, which continues.  Post crisis, central bankers and politicians have intervened as never before with vast dollops of liquidity being injected into economies in their QE exercises. And committees of... Read More

The Boot is now on the other Foot

A corporate’s attitude to its banks is changed by the Basel III capital and liquidity requirements regarding the supply of traditional banking services. Just as banks have to improve their cash management solutions as a result, corporate treasurers will now source their lending, and their cash management and transactional services in a different way. The... Read More